Thank you for making a place 
for us at your table.

We will no longer be offering service on the East Coast, in Washington, or Oregon. Our last day of service was Thursday 5/10. We cannot thank you enough for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to provide you with wholesome, all-natural, and delicious food when you couldn’t or didn’t want to cook.

Any future orders you have scheduled for delivery, will be refunded to the form of payment you originally selected. We understand you may have questions about the service change. Please see the list of support topics below for additional information.

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Same Day Orders

Will I still be able to receive a delivery I have already placed?
Unfortunately, orders placed for delivery after May 10th will not be delivered. You will be refunded via the form of payment you used to place your order. Please allow 2-3 business days for this refund to process.

When is the last day I can order?
We are no longer accepting orders on the East Coast, in Washington, or Oregon. Thursday 5/10 was our last day of service.

Is there another option I can use to get Munchery delivered?
Not at this time. Once we open up new service options, we will reach out to you if you are in the delivery area.

Where will you maintain Same Day service?
We will maintain same day service to all customers in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County. We will no longer be able to serve our San Diego customers with same day service. If you are a San Diego customer looking for Munchery, we still offer shipping to your area.

Shipping Orders

When is the last day I can place a prepared meal shipping order?
We are no longer accepting shipping orders if you are located on the East Coast, in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana.

I have a recurring shipping order, what will happen now that you are no longer servicing my area?
If you are located on the East Coast or the Pacific Northwest, you will no longer receive Munchery Weekly after 5/11. Your subscription will be canceled and you will not incur any future charges.

Can I still receive Ready to Cook kits?
Yes. If you are enrolled in our Weekly Cooking Kits subscription you will continue to receive your meals. 

Account Information

Will you be keeping my credit card information on file now that you no longer service my area?
We use a third party system which encrypts all sensitive information. Please contact our Customer Care team and they can help remove your information from our system. 

For additional help with your orders or questions about the closure, please contact us.

Read a message from our CEO about the closures.