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Dishes are prepared fresh in our Bay Area kitchen by talented local chefs, then shipped quickly and efficiently throughout much of the Western United States.

Customer Favorites

Salmon With Gold Beet Relish
The elegant combination of grilled Kuterra salmon and green beans amandine is dressed by our scrumptious yellow beet relish in this light, healthy meal. 

Lentil Carrot Salad
Indulge in health—this super salad is a rainbow of nutrition, with carrots, olives, watercress, dried cherries, lentils, and a slightly-spicy harissa dressing. 

Short Rib Mac & Cheese & Salad
Meltingly tender ribs are shredded and stirred into a creamy béchamel mac & cheese, and a fresh green salad is served on the side.

Apple Glazed Pork Chop
A brined, grilled, antibiotic-free pork chop presides over this satisfying meal, complete with braised savoy cabbage and mashed potatoes. 

Coconut Chicken Curry
You’ll need all the naan you can get for this fragrant dish, with tandoori-roasted chicken breast and coconut curry served over basmati rice.

Soba Noodle and Grilled Tofu Salad 
An adventurous vegetarian meal of refreshing soba noodles, grilled tofu, oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and pickled cucumber.

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