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Dishes are prepared fresh in our Seattle kitchen by talented local chefs, then shipped quickly and efficiently throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Customer Favorites

Chipotle Grilled Chicken Breast
Tender spiced chicken breast is served with creamy bacon mashed potatoes, roasted broccolini florets, and a smokey honey mustard sauce.

Grilled Portobello & Risotto
Combining the heartiness of portobello mushrooms with the creaminess of slow-cooked risotto, this dish appeals to herbivores & carnivores alike.

Cauli-Rizo Rice Bowl
Chorizo-style spiced cauliflower served with south-of-the-border-style fixings like fajita veggies, cotija cheese, zesty pico, rice & beans.

Roasted Bistro Filet
Tender filet is roasted to medium rare, then served with fingerling potatoes, blue cheese sauce, Worcestershire-braised mushrooms & onions.

Salmon Yakitori
Grilled salmon tops roasted broccoli, pickled daikon, ginger & chili. Wasabi aioli & house-made teriyaki sauce bump up the spicy-sweet flavor.

Pasta Bolognese 
Our soulful Bolognese is enriched by savory pancetta plus the traditional beef & pork—all slow-cooked with tomato, white wine, onion & garlic.

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